A letter from Jakub

Dear friend,

let me thank you for coming to this site. I want Gifterio to be a home to everyone, who is looking for a perfect gift for someone special. Our mission is to help and provide unique gift items that will make people truly happy.

Gifterio might have started just in 2017 but my dream of launching it started quite a bit earlier. As a kid, once I found out that Santa wasn’t real, it wasn’t much of a sad moment for me as for other kids, as I quickly realized it was me who could suddenly get gifts for others. I quickly gained a reputation of the one who always had an idea for a gift and I started enjoying it.

Years later, I was very lucky to be able to work for this awesome company where I could develop new gift items and - most importantly - learn from some of the best people and get to know what the market was like.

Putting this jigsaw puzzle together and adding my passion to develop, build and create, gift industry became a place where I feel really comfortable. But for a long time, I kept getting back to the idea of building something of my own and start literally from scratch...

Today, Gifterio is here to provide the gifts you are looking for. And with help of our partners, our gift items are shipped out from various places in the USA and Europe which means you will always receive your order as soon as possible.

Best Wishes,

Jakub Slechta